Individual Spiritual Direction

“It is a privilege and a blessing to walk closely with another on their spiritual journey.”

Group Spiritual Direction

“I cannot believe how much I’ve learned about myself from being with others in group spiritual direction.”


“Diane Owens is a dynamic and engaging public speaker.”

Individual Spiritual Direction

Your spiritual path is unlike anyone else’s. It is your sacred story, your unique journey. Individual spiritual direction provides a dedicated time, a safe place and a trained companion who will deeply listen and accompany you as you explore the unfolding of your sacred story and its meaning.

You and I will meet generally once a month for an hour at a time that works each month for both of our schedules. I am very flexible! My typical rate ranges from $45 to $65/hour, based on your financial situation.

Group Spiritual Direction

I use a unique approach in that the first hour is spent in a guided discussion of a book. I have had great success using Jesus: A Pilgrimage, by James Martin, S.J. During the second hour, each participant shares a part of their spiritual journey that she/he may be struggling with. As a result of speaking about this struggle, the person sometimes may find peace and clarity. Other times, the group and I ask clarifying questions, but we are very careful not to try to “fix” the person or the issue. Our role is to notice God’s presence or activity in the person’s life as well as the person’s response to God. Finally, we ask the person what the group should pray for. Then we pray for the person and their need, and we commit to praying for each person until we meet again.

These monthly two-hour sessions are appropriate for a group of 3-4 people. Sometimes the group members know one another before we begin. For some, the community aspect of group spiritual direction is appealing. It’s also a good way to experience spiritual direction on a somewhat smaller scale than what individual direction can provide. If a person discovers a need to go deeper than the group environment allows, he/she can then enter individual direction. Each group session is $35, a less expensive alternative to individual spiritual direction.


Deb Findlow (left) and Diane Owens at their Beloved Daughters presentation, St. Patrick’s Church Women’s Retreat


The Spirituality of Writing & Creativity and Spirituality

These two interactive presentations can be tailored to the needs of the group. I draw on my experience as a spiritual director and a writing workshop facilitator.

The Spirituality of Change

This is a series of interactive presentations I co-facilitate with Deb Findlow, whom I have partnered with for four years to create Embrace, a women’s spirituality program we piloted at St. Patrick Parish in Scottsdale, Arizona.

A Sample of Our Presentations about Change:

  • Really God?!? Now What? Embracing Change in the New Year
  • Embracing the Mystery and Uncertainty of Change
  • Changing the Way You Take Care of Yourself
  • Letting God Be in Charge of Change
  • Beloved Daughters: Embracing Your Belovedness

Comments from Attendees of a recent Belovedness Presentation

  • “Excellent content and presentation.”
  • “Love Deb and Diane leading anything!”
  • “Left me with ways to savor the gifts God gave me.”
  • “Wonderful reflecting about being loved where/as we are.”
  • “Truly valuable to explore self-blessing.”