About Spiritual Direction With Diane

Spiritual direction is a confidential relationship involving a deep and continuing conversation between the client, or the “directee,” and the “director.” Unlike what the title implies, a spiritual director doesn’t really direct people but rather accompanies them on their spiritual journeys. The “directee” is the more active member of the relationship for it is the directee who determines what to bring to share during a session. In more recent times, a spiritual director is sometimes referred to as “spiritual companion.”

Spiritual Direction Is:


Ongoing and a continuing conversation

An unfolding process

An art rather than a science

Soul work


Spiritual Direction Is Not:


Pastoral counseling

Life coaching

Directive in nature

This ancient tradition of holy listening to another’s sacred story is a calling and a ministry. Spiritual direction helps people notice God’s activity in their daily lives. Sometimes it takes the presence and observation of a trained observer to help you see more deeply.

Spirituality is about seeing.

Richard Rohr

Franciscan Friar, Center for Action and Contemplation

My role in spiritual direction is 90 percent listening.When I’m not listening to what’s on your mind and in your heart, I may ask questions to clarify something you’ve said or to suggest a different way of looking at something.

As a participant in spiritual direction over the past seven years, I’ve received so many blessings from being in the presence of a someone who listens deeply to my story. I’d love to share that gift with you. If you are longing for someone to listen attentively without judgment to your story, please consider spiritual direction with me. Contact me for an initial meeting to explore how spiritual direction can make a difference in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does spiritual direction take?

Each session typically lasts one hour and occurs monthly, or as often as your schedule permits and your need dictates.

How much does spiritual direction cost?

My fee ranges from $45 to $65/hour.  I am happy to work with you to determine an agreed-upon amount based on your financial situation. Just ask!

Where does spiritual direction occur?

I meet people in their homes or at a mutually convenient, quiet place such as a park. I also hold sessions over the phone or via Skype or Facetime.

How long does one remain in spiritual direction?

It’s entirely up to you and your needs. Occasionally I check in with my directees to discuss their progress and their desire to continue working with me.

What does a typical session look like?

I begin all sessions with silence in order for both of us to enter into gentle presence with one another. I also end each session with silence. Everything that happens in between is entirely up to each directee—he or she directs the purpose and flow of the session.

After I have been working with someone for a while, sometimes I may bring into the session what Parker Palmer calls “a third thing” for us to reflect on together. It might be a prayer or a poem or a passage of Scripture. I also use imagery and guided meditation.

Spiritual Direction Clients

What others have to say about spiritual direction with Diane.

“You listen and that’s magic.”


Individual Spiritual Direction Client

“As a result of the trust and connection you nurture in us, I am able to lower my defenses and become more vulnerable.”

Group Spiritual Direction Client

“It has deepened my faith and given me curiosity to know Jesus more through our book [we are sharing together].”


Group Spiritual Direction Client